Due to the experience and backgrounds of the IAG team, and the current state of communications technology, we have chosen four target markets (verticals) in which to focus the company’s core competencies. The following text describes the market verticals, however IAG will continue uncover opportunities with State, Local and the Federal Government.

  Faith Based Initiatives
Churches that are designed today are vastly different from the places we worshipped and had religious services in the past. Today Churches are comprised of multiple buildings on campuses very similar to what you see on major college campuses. They include sanctuaries, administration wings, family life centers and schools. The need for a state of the art communications infrastructure is greater than ever due to the use of audio-visual, multimedia, inter-building connectivity, technology and telecommunications. IAG has in depth knowledge and expertise in working with architects and developers to assist with the design and engineering services that provide full life cycle management from conception to dedication.

Today's educational facilities are composed of multi-story buildings and multi-building campuses connected together via high bandwidth communications. With today's higher educational facilities such as public and private colleges and universities being comprised of multiple campuses and extension located throughout a given metropolitan area or a given state, modern communications infrastructures are being implemented and existing ones upgraded. IAG executives have spoken with program managers at various institutions and discovered that there is significant need for communications infrastructure design and engineering services.

Due to the design and configuration of healthcare industry facilities, i.e. multi-building campuses (hospitals, medical centers, multi-tenant professional buildings, etc.) within the healthcare industry, IAG will strongly pursue business opportunities within this industry. Hospitals, both public and private, have recently realized that their communications infrastructures have not grown sufficiently to meet the business and customer care needs of doctors, patients, and other stakeholders. IAG’s infrastructure engineering expertise is appropriately configured to meet the healthcare industry's needs to upgrade their existing communications infrastructures.

The hospitality industry Baltimore and the surrounding areas is strong and growing. Due to the fact that most hotels, motels, and resorts are comprised of multi-story, multi-building campuses that are part of larger corporation with remote headquarters, the facilities that make up the hospitality industry will be a key market area for IAG to pursue. Potential design and engineering opportunities include inside premise and outside plant cabling design, infrastructure LAN and WAN design, etc.

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